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Above are our trip plans for 2011 - or at least part of them. Do you see how you're looking from one side of the globe (Phuket) to the other? (The Red Sea and the Med?) Well, that's because the distance is long! We plan to join the Blue Water Rally which is an organized rally for yachts that wish to travel around the world in two years. A yacht can join the group for various sections. We are joining the OZ-Med section of the rally that has started in Australia and will go to the Mediterranean. Our ports of call will be: Galle, Sri Lanka; Cochin, India; Salalah, Oman; Djibouti, Djibouti; The Suez Canal; and Crete. That gets us to April. Then we plan to go to Turkey and London, England. Each in its own time!

Obviously all the maps on this page are compliments of Google Earth. You can download the Google Earth software and look at these exact locations. THEN, you can click on the little blue squares and see photographs of the locations where we'll be. Also, you can zoom in or out to get oriented. There are also cameras that can give you a street level view of these various locations - HAVE FUN!

Above is a Google image of the harbor at Galle, Sri Lanka. This will be our first landfall after leaving Phuket, Thailand on/about Jan. first. We will be traveling with the Blue Water Rally and plan to stay here from Jan 10th to the 20th, 2011.


Our next stop will be in Cochin, India. Our visit is planned from Jan 23rd to the 30th. We're hoping to visit the Taj Mahal during that time. We'll see...


Next stop: Salalah, Oman.


Djibouti is a big refueling stop. I have NO idea what will happen in these ports, but perhaps we'll do some local touring. Due north is the Red Sea where we plan to tuck in when winds turn to the north.

By April 1st we plan to be in Suez, El Gouna, Egypt. Again we have a one week stay/transit and then on to Crete April 8th.


The Blue Water Rally plans to be in Crete from April 18th to the 24th. After that we will be on our own and head for Istanbul. It's not labeled on the image above, but is at the very top in the middle. Crete is on the lower left and Cyprus is on the lower right. You see Athens on the left middle.

Our plans for the summer are uncertain. We have some repairs we need to make in Turkey. We'll do a little cruising in the Med. AND we have a reservation on October 15th in St. Katherine's Docks in London, England - SOOOO, we'll see...

Even I can recognize London Bridge on the lower left, the Tower of London on the upper left and the docks on the upper right. Pretty neat!!!


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