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Mexico - 2005
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The Quest starts it's Around the World Voyage
 with the Del Rey Yacht Club
 International Yacht Race to Puerto Vallarta

With a crew like this how could we miss??!!
 Standing: Jim, Ann, Lindsey & Kim.
Seated: Captain Scott and the Admiral, Jean

The big "Q" under gennaker. Whenever everything's just right and the boat's sailing well nobody's around to see it. EXCEPT, in this case Mickey Scheinbaum captured this image on a beautiful sailing day on the second leg of the race.


Jim, our trusty watch captain keeps us on track! Here Jim keeps us on course with his computer formulas.


Kim was the master trimmer. When she was trimming the Quest was surging forward! (Kim's photo)



Lindsey was the heart of our foredeck. Lindsey, our navigator, is the second mate on a square rigged vessel. He devised the strategy for our downwind sail: PUT UP MORE CANVAS!

The Domestic Godess takes the helm! Ann Ach, recipient of the Marina del Rey Yachtsman of the Year award for 2004, was a great asset to our sailing team.


Jean sleeps while Scott watches. Is this what yacht racing is about?



Taking the panga to town in Turtle Bay is an adventure! Here's Jean, Ann, Kim & Lindsey ascending the ladder to the pier.

After the second leg we went into Santa Maria to anchor. (right) This was the beautiful sunrise the next morning.


A visit to Bahia Magdalena is a highlight of the trip. (left) Better known as "Mag Bay," this stopover allowed us to view grey whales up close and personal. (Ann's photo)


Another great photo from Ann. (right)



(Ann's Photo) That does it!!! I'm getting a new camera with a quicker shutter response!!


The behavior of these whales was remarkable! These four whale photos are from Ann Ach. Pretty neat, don't you think? (right)


Trying to land our catch is a group effort! We didn't do as great as we hoped on the fishing leg, but we sure had fun trying.


Jean launching the battle flag! (Kim's photo) Now we're really getting serious!!! (About yacht racing, that is!).



Leaving Turtle Bay Lazy Bones was in hot pursuit! (left) She's the boat with the green & white gennaker. When the wind died and the sun set our strategy was to run away and hide from our buddy boat, Lazy Bones. Because we made a better radar target than they did, we thought we had lost them. Unfortunately, that was NOT the case and they dogged us right to the finish line, coming in first to our second!! This is the third time Scott has come in second in class in the D.R.Y.C. race to P.V. - don't know what that says!

We were honored by the presence of local dignitaries and the Mexican drum and bugle corps. At the final awards ceremony Quest came in second in her class. The trophies are seen on the table on the right. They were handmade glass images of the race logo.

The final dinner/dance was held outdoors next to the beach. This was a gorgeous evening, great music and sit-down buffet dinner. It couldn't have been more perfect. It's perfection was exemplified by the evening's sunset.


A local crane (I think!). (Kim's Photo)


A signature photo op from Puerto Vallarta. (Kim's Photo) (left)

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